Who We Are


We are lawyers, researchers, journalists, campaigners,

and communications experts who believe that reforming

the justice system and building healthier and safer

communities requires reshaping the political, media and

cultural climate.

Our Mission


The Justice Collaborative provides communities with the

information they need to understand the policies,

practices, and people responsible for mass incarceration

and the inspiration and tools to end it.

Our Vision


We are working to create a criminal justice system that is

dramatically smaller, and one that monitors and

incarcerates as few people as possible for as little time as



The justice system we are fighting for is tightly

coupled to physical safety, recognizes that every person

has inherent worth and potential for change, treats each

person with dignity and respect, and does not absorb

limited resources that should be used for other services

and programs better suited for creating healthier and

safer communities.