From Innocence to Redemption: Perspectives on Ending the Death Penalty [Video]

Since its formalization, the death penalty has been marked by racial bias, wrongful convictions, soaring costs, and disproportionate impacts on the most vulnerable people. From innocence to redemption, the reasons for ending the use of the death penalty are many, and the longer the practice persists, the more injustice flourishes. Eliminating the death penalty ensures that the injustices present throughout the entire system are not made permanent.

The Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) released a report in 2015: “Battle Scars: Military Veterans and the Death Penalty,”as a wake-up call to the criminal legal system and the public at large. In 2009, James Davis received a Purple Heart for his service during the Vietnam War. But minutes after the medal was pinned, it was removed, and he was escorted back to his cell on death row, where he remains to this day. James is one of approximately 300 veterans estimated to be awaiting execution – 10% of the total number of Americans on death row.

During this webinar, Ngozi Ndulue, Senior Director of Research and Special Projects at DPIC, discussed many of their groundbreaking findings and what’s been successful to date to end the death penalty. Ndulue was joined by panelists Brooks Emanuel, Liliana Segura, and Derrick Jamison.

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