The Role of Prosecutors in Reforming our Criminal Legal System [Video]


Our expert panelists on this webinar spoke about the power of prosecutors to make decisions that affect people’s lives — thousands of times a day.

Despite the enormous power prosecutors wield and the fact that a vast majority are elected officials, many of us don’t know their names, when they’re up for election, or what they stand for. This has to change.

The Justice Guarantee, a platform featuring six key policies for reform, sets a new standard for reform. With your help, we can make clear to this year’s candidates that they can either exercise their authority to enact these reforms or continue to perpetuate a system that over-incarcerates millions while ignoring the actual justice needed to keep our communities safe.

From decriminalizing drug possession and homelessness to investing resources into real solutions instead of cages, The Justice Guarantee envisions a secure and healthy society that values the security of every person. The platform offers prosecutors and other elected officials a framework for pursuing the stability and safety of their communities.


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