The United States is the world’s largest jailer, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a powerful, growing movement in the United States to safely shrink the incarcerated population. Reshaping and reforming the criminal legal system in this way requires a deep understanding of how the system operates, as well as what policies, strategies, and tools will bring about meaningful, lasting change.

Our role at The Justice Collaborative is to work in partnership with organizing groups, elected officials, and reporters to provide local communities with the information they need to understand the policies, practices, and people responsible for over-criminalization and incarceration. We do this through research, policy advocacy, and journalism.

We are lawyers, journalists, researchers, and strategic communications experts working to create a criminal justice footprint that is dramatically smaller, one that monitors and incarcerates as few people as possible for as little time as possible. The justice system we are fighting for is tightly coupled to physical safety, recognizes that every person has inherent worth and potential for change, treats each person with dignity and respect, and does not absorb limited resources that should be used for other services and programs better suited for creating healthier and safer communities.


We create reports that generate the data and framing needed to push reform. We produce reports that educate local policymakers, journalists, and the community about the use of excessive criminal punishments.