About The Justice Collaborative

The Justice Collaborative supplies deep legal, policy, communications, and networking support to visionary leaders and organizations working to end dehumanization and extreme vulnerability and build in their place a society with dignity and freedom for all of us, starting with those who are the most vulnerable.

The policies driving dehumanization and extreme vulnerability — from mass incarceration to the lack of health care, from vulnerable employment to housing precarity, and beyond — are built upon a maze of local, state, and federal laws and procedures. TJC employs a team of legal experts, researchers, media strategists, and journalists to cut through this complexity and confusion.

Our work does not attempt to stand alone. Instead, our aim is to empower, educate, and support the community of leaders, problem-solvers, and allies at all levels, both outside the system advocating for change and inside those centers of power that determine the fate of both individuals and large swaths of people daily. Our team provides a layer of infrastructure and expertise to connect, translate, amplify, and fill gaps for the people and organizations leading the efforts to create a more free, more stable, more safe America.