The Justice Collaborative

The Justice Collaborative is a team of legal experts, researchers, journalists, and media strategists supplying deep legal, policy, and communications expertise to people and organizations working to advance a common goal of ending the dehumanization that has criminalized extreme vulnerability and created an incarceration crisis, and building in its place an America with dignity and freedom for all of us, starting with those who are the most vulnerable.

The policies driving this crisis are built upon a maze of local, state, and federal laws and procedures. We work to cut through the complexity and confusion, working to shrink the criminal legal system and create a more free, more stable, more safe America. Our work empowers, educates, and supports a community of leaders, problem-solvers, and allies at all levels, both outside the system advocating for change and inside those centers of power that determine the fate of both individuals and large swaths of people daily.

We are working to transform how our nation supports the basic stability of its people and responds to crime and violence. We are safer when we use imprisonment not as the default, but as a last resort. We are stronger when we emphasize prevention and treatment over incarceration or monitoring. We affirm our common dignity when we do not permanently define people by their worst acts, but rather give everyone an opportunity to grow and change. And we advance all of those goals — and provide an antidote to the broader politics of dehumanization that has plagued us for too long — by working to guarantee that all of us have the basic resources we need to live a stable life.

The Justice Collaborative is a fiscally sponsored project of Tides, a non-profit 501(c)(3), and Tides Advocacy, a non-profit 501(c)(4).