We all share a common vulnerability that defines us as human beings. We all need to eat, sleep, have shelter, and address the illnesses that disrupt our lives. Self-reliance alone will leave many unable to meet these needs, which means that a just society must provide for these basic needs when people cannot meet them for themselves.

  • Ensure comprehensive health care, including the provision of no-cost mental health and substance use disorder treatment, to everyone who wants it.
  • Enact housing first policies to ensure that everyone has access to safe housing as a human right.
  • Establish a living wage and pegging it to inflation;
  • Provide a government job to every person who wants one, including fairly compensating people who provide immense value to their families and communities through non-traditional work such as in-home care of an infirm loved one.
  • Establish widely available, high quality, zero-fare transportation so people can connect to their work, services and their medical care.