The Justice Collaborative and The Appeal Statement on the Death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


New Poll: Voters Support Creating ‘Digital Dollars Accounts’ to Speed Transfer of Stimulus Payments Amid Pandemic

  MEDIA CONTACT: With the COVID-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc on our national economy, a new survey finds that a majority of voters from both political parties support rationale for a government-backed digital banking platform to facilitate reliable, expedited currency transactions. The so-called Inclusive Value Ledger (IVL) Plan, or “Public Venmo,” would allow municipal,…

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NEW REPORT: Most Americans Support Making Police Misconduct Records Public

MEDIA CONTACT: New data shows large majorities of Americans, including Republicans, support making police disciplinary records public. The data was released today in a report by Data for Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute that also discussed why public disciplinary records are critical for justice.  People were outraged in 2014 when NYPD Officer Daniel…

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NEW REPORT: Postal Banking Would Help Address Income Inequality, and Most Americans Support It

  MEDIA CONTACT: A report released today observes that most Americans support the US Postal Service providing a banking option for low-income Americans—a goal that could be accomplished through the creation of a Postal Banking Service. With the pandemic worsening already extreme income inequality, the report, released by Data for Progress and The Justice…

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NEW POLL: Majority of California Voters Support Overdose Prevention Bill

  MEDIA CONTACT: A new report from The Justice Collaborative Institute and Data for Progress shows a majority of California voters support the use of overdose prevention programs to promote public health. This finding comes as the state struggles to address a surge in overdose fatalities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before COVID, California…

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NEW REPORT: The US Needs a National Investment Authority

  MEDIA CONTACT: The federal government can secure the success of large-scale and long-term projects by creating an agency to build public-private partnerships and oversee economic revitalization. A new report from The Justice Collaborative Institute and Data for Progress proposes the creation of the National Investment Authority, an agency that would use public-private partnerships…

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New White Paper Demands that Governors Pursue Decarceration Along with Investments in Reentry Services

MEDIA CONTACT: As states across the country are seeing a resurgence in the spread of COVID-19, it is more imperative than ever that Governors take decisive action to slow the spread of the virus by drastically reducing the size of their jail and prison populations. A white paper released by the Justice Collaborative Institute…

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