Intelius Review: Is It Worth It?

intellus review

Everyone has something to hide. Even your family and closest friends probably have skeletons in their closets. What does this mean about other people around you?

For instance, what happens when you’re dating someone new that you meet on an app? Wouldn’t you love to get a background check on them? This could help you find out who they are and what they’ve done in the past. That’s where Intelius comes into the picture.

Intelius is a background check tool that’s quick, safe, and discreet. As a people search service, you can use the platform to do generic background checks and various searches, like a reverse phone lookup or reverse address lookup.

But, how can you be sure the information you get from an Intelius background check is legit? Are they even worth the trial to begin with? The information you’ll find in this Intelius review will help you decide whether the platform is worth using.

Let’s get into the good, the bad, and more.

What Is Intelius?

Intelius is a Seattle-based company that specializes in providing and managing information about individuals. The company was founded in 2003 and is owned by PeopleConnect Inc. It currently has over 20 billion public records available online.

Intelius has proven itself useful in several situations (i.e., going on blind dates, finding friends’ and relatives’ contacts, or simply doing a general background check on a new neighbor).

However, Intelius does not provide consumer reports and is not considered a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means Intelius cannot be used to determine the eligibility of an individual for employment, insurance, credit, or other items covered by FCRA.


Yes, Intelius is worth it. Several key features make Intelius stand out as one of the best companies offering background check services.

For starters, it comes with a reasonable and affordable subscription plan per month. With this plan, you can get unlimited background check reports. These reports include in-depth background information that you won’t find anywhere else (without the help of professional background checkers).

With Intelius, you’re also sure of getting credible results on background checks. Reports may include phone numbers, criminal records, divorce history, address history, lawsuits, or bankruptcies.

You can even narrow down the search results by location if you’d like to make the process even quicker.

How Intelius Works

Intelius compiles information from several public sources such as federal and state databases, court records, and more. While some of this information is usually available online for free, it could take months or even years to access and track everything down.

Intelius saves you both time and effort. The company works by sorting through millions of these sources so users can get quick and accurate results on anyone.

To use Intelius public records search, simply enter the first and last name and residential area of the individual into the search tool on the Intelius homepage.

Next, Intelius searches through its existing records for the subject you entered and displays a list of potential matches. Oftentimes, you will be asked to provide additional information. This isn’t anything to worry about, it simply helps to narrow down the search.

Finally, Intelius will warn you about sensitive content (if applicable) before you open the report on your search subject. This is automatic and applies to all searches.


  • Pros icon Delivers accurate, comprehensive reports within minutes.
  • Pros icon Provides a phone number and email address for direct customer support.
  • Pros icon Affordable subscription service compared to other background check companies.
  • Pros icon Features an attractive website layout that is easy to navigate.


  • Cons icon No direct pricing information on the website.
  • Cons icon Subscription cancellation issues.
  • Cons icon Not considered a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Housing Reporting Act (FHRA).

Star Rating

/ 5.0

Intelius FAQs

What is Intelius?

Intelius is a public data company and people search platform that provides up-to-date background reports on a particular individual. These reports may include the person’s age, date of birth, criminal or arrest records, divorce or marriage history, location history, and so on.

Intelius also offers other services like a reverse phone lookup and address lookup. With Intelius, users can find a variety of information on their interested person all while remaining anonymous.

Where does Intelius get its criminal records from?

Intelius does not work alone. It compiles its information from multiple public records and public data sources on local, state, and federal levels. This is how the platform is able to search for and find legit information on various people.

Is Intelius free?

Intelius is not free. Like other background check services providing unlimited reports, Intelius charges a fee for its service. Luckily, Intelius offers affordable subscription plans to access its public records search engine.

Is Intelius legit?

Intelius is not only a legitimate company, but it’s a leading provider of background checks. The service allows you to access unlimited reports that are both in-depth and accurate. Even though Intelius is not accredited by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FHRA), it’s still legit.

How do I cancel my Intelius subscription plan?

To cancel your Intelius subscription plan, simply log into your Intelius account and select the cancellation option. You can also call (888) 245-1655 to cancel.

Intelius Review: Key Takeaways

Looking up someone has never been easier than with Intelius. You can vet a person you just matched with on a dating site or find out more about a new neighbor. Whatever the case, Intelius is here to perform a legitimate background search on your target subject.

No matter the type of information you’re looking for, Intelius will provide comprehensive, accurate, and fast results. Plus, it is easy to use: just enter the name, city, and location of the individual and you will get your report ASAP.

Intelius also offers affordable subscription plans and an unbeatable free trial period. However, many customers have complained about Intelius’s inability to cancel their subscriptions.

Overall, Intelius remains one of the best and most reputable background check companies on the market.

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