A Review of The Best Background Check Sites For 2022

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With the growing number of crimes and acts of violence, it has become necessary to take precautions. Background screening can be done before hiring a new employee or letting your children hang out with a friend or neighbor.

Pre-employment background checks are the best way to ensure the safety and security of your family. These checks can be done online from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to worry about spending hours in a government office waiting for your turn.

An online search for employment background check sites yields more than 16 million results on Google alone. With so many options, finding the right background check site can seem like a daunting task. After all, it’s not just about finding any site but finding one of the best consumer reporting agencies.

In this article, we review the following best background check sites for 2022:

  1. TruthFinder
  2. Instant Checkmate
  3. Intelius
  4. Spokeo
  5. Been Verified
  6. People Finders
  7. Verifirst
  8. Info Tracer
  9. Coco Finder

Best Background Check Sites For 2022 

Many sites offer background checks, but not all of them are created equal. Some are great for finding information about people you know. While others are better suited for finding information about state employment laws. You can also find ones for employee background checks. This article will discuss the best background screening sites for 2022. We also explain how each works and what to look out for when using the criminal background check sites.


TruthFinder is a great background check services site if you’re looking for information on yourself or someone else. It’s easy to use and provides detailed reports with lots of information about public records. You will also get criminal records, previous addresses, and phone numbers. Be sure to get marriage and divorce records, court records, and credit reports. The site also has an app to access it from any mobile device or computer.

TruthFinder stands out for having an extensive information database for identity verification on people. It means that when you search for someone using their service, they will be able to provide you with more information. That is more than most other best background check service websites.


  • Pros icon Mobile-friendly
  • Pros icon A wide array of search options and filters
  • Pros icon Offers subscribed users a free dark web monitoring service.
  • Pros icon Offers subscribed users a free dark web monitoring service.


  • Cons icon No email notifications when new information is found
  • Cons icon Considered pricey

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Instant Checkmate is a comprehensive background check services company. It provides information about people in minutes. It offers criminal records, sex offender records, and hundreds of other types of reports on individuals. Instant Checkmate also gives you access to property records, credit history, and civil suits for up to ten years!

With Instant Checkmate, you can find out everything you need to know about a person’s criminal history. It includes arrests, charges against them, pending criminal cases, and any criminal history information they may have had. If there are any sex offenders living near your home or neighborhood, this site will let you know about their arrest records. This will ensure you can keep your children safe from harm by reporting to criminal justice agencies.


  • Pros icon Offers advanced search options such as searching by date range or location
  • Pros icon The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Pros icon Extensive results
  • Pros icon Have access to dark web monitoring service
  • Pros icon A membership subscription offers unlimited background checks reports


  • Cons icon You have to pay to see detailed information about a person

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Intelius is also one of the best background check services sites that offer a wealth of information about individuals. They offer access to public records, birth records, and criminal background check reports.

You can conduct your criminal background checks in minutes and have instant results. One thing that sets them apart from other sites is that they provide an extended version of their service for a small monthly fee ($29/month).

The features include phone number reports, address history reports, civil records, and more.

You can conduct a pre-employment background check with Intelius services and get results in minutes.


  • Pros icon The search is easy, and you can choose between several different services
  • Pros icon Offers a quick turnaround time for searches
  • Pros icon Search by name or address
  • Pros icon Have access to dark web monitoring service
  • Pros icon The site provides detailed personal information on an individual. Including name, address, phone number, education, criminal records, and more


  • Cons icon It is not free; you have to pay for the basic service

Star Rating

/ 5.0

4 Spokeo


Spokeo is an all-in-one background check services helping people find information about others and businesses. They have data on more than 350 million people in the U.S. It gives information on criminal records, credit history, education history, social media accounts, and more. They also offer a free trial period to try the site before committing. If you sign up for a monthly subscription after your trial ends, they’ll even refund your first month!

Spokeo makes it easy to find what you need with their simple search interface. This allows users to search for people by name or email address before making a hiring decision. You can filter results by age range or gender (if applicable). This makes it easier to narrow your search results without sifting through pages of irrelevant information.


  • Pros icon It's completely free to use Spokeo's background check service
  • Pros icon You can access their database without having to pay anything at all
  • Pros icon It's easy to use and navigate through the website
  • Pros icon Have access to dark web monitoring service


  • Cons icon One downside of Spokeo is that it doesn’t always get up-to-date information on its users. Sometimes it will show an old address or phone number when a new one is available online

Star Rating

/ 5.0


BeenVerified one of the best background check services companies offering a more comprehensive search than Spokeo. It also looks at employment history, criminal and arrest records, social media profiles, and phone numbers. Its criminal background check gives results for up to 10 years, easing employment screening. However, it has been criticized for being inaccurate in its results. So, you should always double-check any information from this background check service before acting on it!


  • Pros icon Offers free searches
  • Pros icon Has excellent customer service
  • Pros icon Gives comprehensive reports
  • Pros icon Its mobile app is so convenient
  • Pros icon Offers monthly membership


  • Cons icon Doesn't offer a free trial

Star Rating

/ 5.0


People Finders is one the best background check services company oldest offering free online service. You can search by phone number or email address to find someone’s contact information. This background check service also has an extensive criminal records database. You can use this record to see if anyone you’re looking for has been arrested or convicted of a crime. You can use it to check for felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, and credit background checks.


  • Pros icon Affordable with a three-day trial period
  • Pros icon Offers detailed reports
  • Pros icon  It has a quick turn-around time
  • Pros icon Trustworthy for three decades
  • Pros icon It doesn’t require membership for a search


  • Cons icon Has monthly search limit

Star Rating

/ 5.0

Verifirst is one of the best background check services sites that provides unlimited searches. It gives access to criminal records, sex offender registry, and driving records. For $10 per month, you can perform background screening and get employers’ to check credit reports in the shortest time.

You will find information about people, including their contact information, criminal reports, social media accounts, and more. It also allows users to create profiles to be seen by people who may need help locating them when needed most!

Why it’s great: As one of the best background check service website, it’s easy to navigate. You can get results within minutes (or even seconds) depending on what kind of search you’re looking for in a background check service. The price point is also affordable compared to other sites offering similar services.


  • Pros icon Unlimited searches available for $10/month
  • Pros icon No ads! This is one of the few sites where you won’t have to deal with pesky advertisements while searching through your results. They don't have any ads on their site (at least not right now)
  • Pros icon Easy-to-use interface
  • Pros icon Detailed reports that include social media profiles, employment history, and more
  • Pros icon Results are accurate and up to date


  • Cons icon You have to pay money to get access to full reports

Star Rating

/ 5.0


Info Tracer ranks as one of the best background check services companies. It includes info on people’s age, marital status, and occupation, among other things. You can also use it to find information about most employers by searching through their official websites or by typing in relevant keywords.

Besides, it’s an easy-to-use site that allows you to search through public records to get court records. You can also search social media profiles to find out more about a person’s history. The site also provides information on criminal records and sex offender registries. You can do a background search to ensure your new roommate isn’t hiding any skeletons in their closet!


  • Pros icon Easy to use
  • Pros icon Gets daily updates
  • Pros icon Offers deep web reports
  • Pros icon Offers comprehensive candidate's criminal history reports
  • Pros icon Gives access to more than 5 billion records
  • Pros icon It has an affordable five-day trial plan


  • Cons icon It has no mobile app

Star Rating

/ 5.0


This is another excellent top background check services site that has been around since 2010. It has been updated regularly to remain one of the efficient check sites for records on people or entities. It provides access to billions of records from around the world. It includes public records like birth certificates, court records, and criminal records from various countries.

This background check company is great because it allows you to research anything you need to know about state regulations. You can even use it to find out if someone has been arrested or if a company has been sued. It’s also good with pre-employment checks and identity verification. The only drawback of this site is that it takes some time to use and learn how to search for specific information.


  • Pros icon It’s easy to use
  • Pros icon You can search by name or email address
  • Pros icon Free to use


  • Cons icon Some minor bugs make it difficult to navigate through all of the information available on each page

Star Rating

/ 5.0

How To Choose A Background Check Site

Choosing an accurate background check service site can be confusing. There are so many different companies out there, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. To help you find the right one for your needs, we’ve put together this detailed guide to choosing the best background check site.

What Services It Offers

First, let’s talk about what you should look for in the best background check websites. There are three categories of background checks: criminal records, employment history, and driving records. You’ll want to ensure the site you choose offers all three types of background checks. Also, it should abide by the fair credit reporting act and state laws governing the search. You also want to ensure the company provides expedited processing times to get your results faster than ever!

Look for A Reputable Site

The first thing you should do is look for a reputable site that can provide reliable information. It is important to know the presence of fake sites that claim they offer helpful information but don’t have it. Ensure the site is accredited by the fair credit reporting act to keep safe with your search.

A good reputation means that other people who have used these services before would recommend them. It is so because they were satisfied with the services offered by these sites. This will give you confidence in knowing that if something goes wrong with your report, you can get help. Other people can help with their expertise on how to correct it or even help you get through it if necessary.

Consider The Cost of the Service

Next up is the price—how much does it cost? This is another important consideration when choosing a background check service company. If it costs too much money, it might not be worth it for personal use at home (or even for business purposes). Keep in mind that some background check companies offer discounts for bulk orders. So, go for the best background search service that offers affordable, accurate, and detailed information on its search parameters.

Customer Care Services

Customer care services are essential when dealing with background check companies. They allow you to contact them if you have any questions or concerns about your search results. If needed, you can also get help ordering additional services such as credit check reports and criminal records searches.

Additional Services They Offer

Additional services mean other things beyond employee background checks like criminal history or driving records. There could be other types of reports, such as credit reports, paid tax liens, and employment records too! Check if the background check companies offer credit history reports, credit monitoring, or criminal record checks. All these things can be helpful when trying to ensure someone is who they say they are. Or has all their ducks in line before signing on with them according to the state and federal laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Background Check?

A background check is an evaluation of someone’s work history and personal life. It usually includes information from their application form and references. But can also include other contact details such as criminal records like court records, police records, and credit reports. The international background checks reports are given by background check companies with professional licenses.

What Does It Take To Get A Good Background Check?

It depends on what kind of position you’re applying for and what kind of information you need. This can be about your potential employee, someone, or company. You have to be careful when hiring someone who will be dealing with sensitive client data or handling large sums of money. You’ll probably want more comprehensive information than just their name and address, contact details, or social media data.

Who Can Do a Background Check?

Anyone can do a background check. You do not need any special training or certification in order to run one on someone else. However, if it is meant for legal purposes (for example, when applying for a job), then it is best if someone is for experts only. The best background check service gives reliable results when conducting criminal background checks or other searches.

How Do I Know Which Site Is Right for Me?

There are many different types of sites available on the internet today for employment verification. Some focus on providing information about individuals while others deal with companies. It is important to choose wisely when choosing which site is right for you. Not all sites offer accurate information about people living in your area or working at your place of employment.

What is a Criminal Background Check?

A criminal background check is an online search through public records databases. The background report shows if someone has been arrested or convicted of a crime. This includes charges and convictions from all 50 states in America as well as federal crimes like drug charges or weapons charges. These searches will also show if someone has been arrested but not convicted of a crime. So you can see if there may be any reason why they might have been arrested.

Best Background Check Sites: Key Takeaways

The best way to get the best background check services company is through thorough research. No one wants to lay their hands on sites that provide inaccurate search results, given the rate of insecurity. Ensure they abide by the professional background screeners act.

Settling on the best site will ensure you get history on a person, both criminal record and any civil penalties for wrongdoing. All of the sites on our list provide valuable services and can be very helpful in performing background checks on individuals. All you have to do is conduct due diligence and settle on the best one for your searches!

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