Best legal podcasts to listen to in 2022

Think of pretty much any subject matter; there is probably a podcast that talks about it. Whether you work in law or you are super interested in criminal justice or true crime, there is a legal podcast that is sure to tickle your fancy

Today’s legal podcasts explore a wide variety of topics, including the latest legal news, guidance on law practice management, goals for the future, legal education in specialized areas of law, case and judgment analysis, and interviews with legal professionals.

However, as the popularity of legal podcasts has grown in recent years, so has the challenge of identifying high-quality, successful legal podcasts. The best legal podcasts provide a blend of some of the aforementioned criteria. But, how do you find the right one for you?

Relax; we got you covered. Below, you will find some of the best legal podcasts to listen to in 2022. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find something here that fits your needs.

Best podcasts for law school and law firm development

1. The Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast

If you are wondering how to go solo or “small” in the world of big law firms, listen to the Lawyerist Podcast. With its entrepreneurial business approach to the legal industry, the show attempts to teach lawyers what law school probably did not teach them. This includes how to start, grow and operate a small law firm. The podcast shapes the future of law by covering numerous significant legal landscape aspects such as career advice, strategies, legal services, legal marketing, technology, office management, etc.

The show is qualitative, engaging, and practically useful. It showcases discussions with well-known attorneys and other creative professionals, interviews with business and leadership writers, strategy and coaching calls with Lawyerist Lab members. It also includes discussions on the trends and techniques moving the legal industry ahead.

The podcast already includes over 350 episodes, and each one addresses distinct legal topics from a legal perspective and beyond, providing listeners with the most vital career guidance and assisting them to get out of the blocks with the best possible start. The most recent episode discussed ‘Delivering Bad News to Clients’ with Marjorie Aaron, Professor of Practice and Director of the Center for Practice at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. And, not surprisingly, the episode offered several very practical and effective steps to take to soften the shock of getting terrible news and to assist your client in dealing with them.

Small law firm owners, solo attorneys, and practicing attorneys are the ideal listeners.

The Lawyerist’s weekly episodes range from around 30 minutes to 50 minutes.

Hosted by: Sam Glover, Aaron Street, and Stephanie Everett.
Available: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher.

2. Law School Toolbox Podcast

The Law School Toolbox legal podcast has consistently demonstrated that while the journey to law school is not simple, it can be made way easier with firsthand instruction. Each week, hosts Alison Monahan and Lee Burgess, both law school pros and experts at the bar exam, cover all you need to know to become the best legal student and lawyer you can be.

The two hosts authentically share their experience of becoming a lawyer, stressing the daily hardships of this route and providing students with strategies to overcome such challenges. Podcast episodes cover topics ranging from law school to passing the bar exam and everything in between.

Weekly, the podcast invites individuals with various legal backgrounds and other related industries to discuss their stories and assure the audience that they are not alone. The reason why they keep getting great guests is because they are one of the best legal podcasts.

Whether you’re thinking about going to law school but aren’t sure, or if you’ve just begun your legal career, this podcast is for you!

The Law school toolbox’s weekly episodes range from around 30 to 40 minutes.

Hosted by: Alison Monahan & Lee Burgess
Available: Google, Spotify, Apple

Best Legal Technology and Law Practice Management Podcasts

3. LawNext


The LawNext legal podcast tackles the future of law and legal practice in all of its facets. This includes legal technology startups, new innovative business models, and adaptation to modern challenges driven by technological innovations. Overall it aims to improve the performance of legal technologists in this industry.

The podcast is hosted by Bob Ambrogi, a lawyer and legal journalist who has dedicated more than two decades to writing and lecturing on legal technology, legal practice, and legal ethics,

Additionally, the host interviews well-known innovators and law entrepreneurs every week to discuss the best methods for law firm business models. They also analyze the most promising options and their risks. The show provides some very great advice on how to adapt a law firm to the modern challenges of operating in a post-pandemic environment and providing better, quicker, and more thorough legal tech products and services to clients.

The podcast is always up to date since it constantly reviews legal technology and innovation news.

The podcast’s weekly episodes, which range from approximately 40-50 minutes, are ideal for any lawyer or other individual who wishes to understand more about how technology is redefining the legal industry.

Hosted by: Bob Ambrogi
Available: Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple

4. Legal Toolkit

legal toolkit

Legal Toolkit is a comprehensive modern resource for effective law firm management. Every month, the podcast covers all corporate activities, including marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, policies, procedures, and workflow. This podcast is hosted by Jared Correia, CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting. His firm offers law firm business management consulting and legal tech services. The advice offered in this podcast will undoubtedly help your law firm stand out from the crowd.

In each episode, Correia welcomes prominent attorneys and legal professionals from well-known organizations and other institutions, such as the American Bar Association, ABA Journal, Thomson Reuters, Above the Law, The Florida Bar, ABA Journal, and others. The guests share the tools, services, and strategies they use to strengthen their professions.

Listeners have a great opportunity to absorb some realistic advice on how to efficiently run their law firm. The show’s topics are always up to date and take into account advancements in communications and new legal tech. This alone makes it one of the best legal podcasts.

If you feel like your marketing strategies aren’t working and you’re looking for a change but aren’t sure what kind of one to make, you should catch an episode. There are tons of episodes of this legal podcast that will help you with whatever hurdles you face.

Last but not least, the podcast illustrates that operating a successful law firm is an everyday process. Law school students, small firm attorneys, and successful lawyers are all encouraged to listen to the podcast monthly episodes to achieve their goals.

The twice-month legal toolkit’s episodes last between 30 to 40 minutes.

Hosted by: Jared Correia
Available: Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple

Best Law Podcasts Covering Current Legal News and Events

5. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

l 2 l

Lawyer 2 Lawyer is one of the longest-running legal podcasts. The show realizes that keeping up to date on relevant legal news is essential and can be something you are called upon to address at any stage in your legal career.

Host, J. Craig Williams, a leading law blogger, journalist, and lawyer, chooses to analyze the most recent legal news and other relevant events from a legal standpoint. This ensures that the merits and drawbacks of each event are highlighted after the episode.

The law podcast content is very entertaining since diverse industry professionals are invited to share their insights on the legal issues being discussed. The law podcast features passionate and very educated debates. Whether listeners agree with the host or the guests, subscribing to this podcast is unquestionably a win scenario. The audience is not only informed on legal events, but they are also taught how to marshal evidence, consolidate arguments accurately, and build critical thinking skills.

The law podcast discusses recent court rulings in-depth, starting with identifying the issues, determining the ruling, reviewing the reasoning, and, most significantly, emphasizing the potential impact that the judgment will have on the legal world and beyond.

Legal scholars, industry professionals, practicing attorneys, students, and everyone else who is involved in the legal industry should subscribe and catch the news hot off the press. If you are listening to this, you are listening to one of the best legal podcasts.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer does not have a defined release schedule, however, you may expect a few episodes every month, ranging in length from 30 to 40 minutes.

Hosted by: J. Craig Williams
Available: Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple

6. The Bloomberg Law Podcast


The Bloomberg Law podcast covers the analysis of legal topics and case judgments from different areas of law. It does this through interviews with legal professors, practicing attorneys, and other legal industry experts.

Emmy Award-winning journalist June Grasso is the host of the Bloomberg Law Podcast. She keeps the episodes incredibly entertaining by asking crucial questions to break down the biggest issues and uncover insights and fresh viewpoints. Nonetheless, even though the cases being discussed might be very complex, the newsroom discussions are conducted clearly and simply. This allows listeners to easily understand the provided information and meaningfully connect with the host and guests.

This saw podcast is a very trustworthy resource where you can get a recap of the latest legal news and commentary by legal professionals, some of whom are difficult to find elsewhere. This is easily one of the best legal podcasts.

People working in law firms and people generally in the legal industry will find something enjoyable here. You will enjoy numerous benefits that will not only keep you up to date on current legal events but will also help you improve your skills and get legal practice.

The Bloomberg podcast doesn’t release episodes on a set schedule, but you can usually count on a few releases each month, ranging from 15 to 40 minutes.

Hosted by: June Grasso
Available: Google, Spotify, Apple

Best Leadership and Non-Lawyer Legal Podcasts

7. The Law Entrepreneur

The Law Entrepreneur Podcast

Leadership abilities are essential in enabling attorneys to maintain relationships, respond to client requirements, provide solutions, and establish credibility. The aforementioned qualities, as well as different legal industry concerns, legal ethics, broader practice management issues, the legal entrepreneurship path, and much more, are covered weekly on the Law Entrepreneur podcast.

The podcast is for the most successful solo and small firm practitioners, general counsel, and their leadership teams. However, if you have a legal profession, you will find something here that you like. Each episode features the host and their guests discussing their best practices for running law firms as well as the challenges they’ve encountered along the way. They dive into their legal toolkit and discuss the legal tech used to build their law practice.

The podcast has covered a wide range of topics in more than 300 episodes, including some seemingly simple questions that require a lifetime of experience to answer.

If you are academically accomplished but believe that your law degree has not prepared you for the world of operating a law firm, this podcast will educate you. You will learn that the legal side of the business does not have to be confusing, dull, or daunting and that with the correct legal toolkit, you can ensure your future success.

As the competition among law firms and other legal enterprises has never been more intense, it is essential that everyone involved in the legal profession pay attention to this podcast’s content and handle it carefully.

The Law Entrepreneur is a weekly podcast with episodes ranging from around 30 to 50 minutes.

Hosted by: Neil Tyra
Available: Google, Sticher, Spotify, Apple

8. Above the Law – Thinking like a Lawyer

Above the Law - Thinking like a Lawyer

While thus far these podcasts have been for the people in the legal world, this one is for everybody especially those with legal issues. Above the Law is a weekly podcast where discussions are focused on the legal world itself, law schools, and legal news.

Hosts Kathryn Rubino, Joe Patrice, and Elie Mystal who have excellent journalism and litigator backgrounds provide a unique legal twist on everyday life events. Moreover, the hosts’ different approaches to the topics they discuss often create a friendly debate. This is both enjoyable and useful to listeners who are given opposing viewpoints.

The weekly podcast will cover anything from legal news roundup, and law school rankings to intellectual property issues, as well as any other topic that lawyers and non-lawyers might be interested in hearing. Whether you practice law or are curious about legal services, give it a listen. It is one of the best legal podcasts.

The hosts’ ability to incorporate the weekly legal news into a 30-minute episode is unbelievable. They dive into a lot of larger issues, but even small firm lawyers and solo law firms will find something here.

The lighthearted atmosphere maintained by the hosts throughout the episode, as well as the informative content, are some of the reasons you should consider listening to the podcast.

Non-lawyers, law students, attorneys, and other legal professionals who want to stay up to date on weekly legal news should listen to the ‘Above the Law, Thinking Like a Lawyer ‘ podcast. People in your law firm will soon be talking about the episodes regularly at work.

The thinking like a lawyer’s weekly episodes ranges from around 25 minutes to 40 minutes.

Hosted by: Kathryn Rubino, Joe Patrice, and Elie Mystal
Available: Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple

Best True Crime and Court Cases Podcasts

9. Court Junkie

Court Junkie Podcast

The Court Junkie podcast focuses on the injustices of the U.S. legal system through the chronicling of criminal crimes. This means this isn’t just for people who work at a law firm or law practice. Jillian LP, the founder, and host discusses either wrongly convicted criminals or infamous cold cases. In the world of law podcasts, this does fit but is definitely more of a true-crime podcast.

In each episode, the host attempts to shed light on the injustices by bringing up the facts of the case. They do this by diving into each court case’s records and conducting detailed interviews with the people involved in those cases. This includes talking to victims, survivors, and any involved law practice,

The host shows every angle of the story and leaves no stones in the case. Listeners will draw their own conclusions and be able to determine at what point our judicial system failed. The podcast’s motivation for digging into these true crime cases goes beyond the listener’s appetite for crime shows. Finding the answer to the question of why and how justice is not served, drives the host to investigate these true crime cases.

The podcast is useful for the legal community by providing the public with insights into how the law works, while at the same time allowing legal professionals to better understand the judicial system and identify shortcomings.

People who enjoy crime shows, industry experts, law students, large and small law firms, attorneys, and other legal professionals are all advised to subscribe and listen to this qualitative and highly efficient criminal legal weekly podcast.

The Court Junkie’s weekly episodes range from around 50 minutes to one hour and a half.

Hosted by: Jillian Jalai
Available: Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple

10. The Citizen’s Guide to the Supreme Court

The hosts, Brett and Nazim, are both attorneys who have stated that they hate their professions. Right off the bat, that’s a great start. Each week, they examine recent Supreme Court judgments in order to help the general audience understand what happened and the ramifications.

The podcast has covered several Supreme Court judgments with a significant impact on case parties, the legal community, and beyond. The attorneys explore court rulings from various areas of law, making the podcast highly accessible to everyone. Moreover, the original and entertaining way in which such complicated cases are discussed is what the podcast’s listeners enjoy most.

This week’s episode examined the significant political influence of two current cases, with financial and immigration disputes from the first review, both of which involve financial and immigration conflicts. While the latter may appear to have nothing to do with politics, it appears that the two attorneys enjoy surprising the audience.

In conclusion, because the podcast’s goal is to make the law more accessible to average people, the show is a great fit for everyone, regardless of your profile, although legal professionals are highly recommended definitely to spend some time listening to Brett and Nazim’s reviews.

The citizen’s guide to Supreme Court’s weekly episodes ranges from 35 minutes to one hour.

Hosted by: Brett & Nazim
Available: Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Apple


Like in any other field, success is not built in a day but rather through years of dedication from every team member. However, by properly investing in any and all sides of a law firm or other forms of legal enterprises, the path can be dramatically shortened.

Undoubtedly, one way that will help you to shorten that road to success is the legal podcasts which present some of the most up-to-date career guidance to every legal professional. Whether you are a lawyer or a practicing attorney, operating a small law firm or transitioning from a law firm to solo practice, legal podcasts are a great, accessible tool. When used wisely, they may effectively help you reach your short- and long-term career goals.

Given the vast amount of literature and often lengthy and monotonous school lectures, legal podcasts are also great companions for law students. These also come with several benefits ranging from passing an exam to becoming a successful lawyer.

If you haven’t already, start listening to the best top 10 legal podcasts listed above right now.

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