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Is Kamala Harris a win for Silicon Valley?

Republican voters are more likely than Democrats to support breaking up big tech companies like Facebook and Instagram, according to a study released Tuesday by progressive advocacy groups. Data for Progress and The Justice Collaborative, a progressive non-profit focused on reforming the U.S. criminal justice system, polled more than 1,200 likely voters in July and found that a majority — 54 percent — support or strongly support breaking up Big Tech. Among Republicans, that support jumped to 60 percent. Some 26 percent of respondents said they are opposed or strongly opposed to it.

Most Americans Say U.S. Should Stop Business Mergers During Pandemic

The poll, released Monday by Data for Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute, found that 54 percent of respondents would support a law “to pause mergers and acquisitions from companies and hedge funds worth more than $100 million.” A further 20 percent were undecided, while 26 percent opposed the potential legislation.

Mississippi’s Harmful Habitual Offender Laws [Video]

How did a Mississippi man end up getting sentenced to serve 60 years in prison for purchasing cold medicine and batteries? Blame the state’s ineffective and unjust habitual offender laws — Mississippi’s version of a …

Journalists’ Guide to Reporting on Crime and Public Safety

The public’s perception of crime and punishment is often out of alignment with what really happens to people within the legal system. That gap is informed, in part, by sensational or decontextualized media coverage of …